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Response to commenters in last thread

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Albert Pujols was the best player in MLB this year. I am not disputing that. But the Most Valuable Player award is not the same as the Player of the Year award. Andruw was, in my opinion, the MVP this year. Why? He caught fire and carried the Braves when everyone was struggling or injured. Rafael Furcal had on OBP below .300. Kelly Johnson started 1 for 30. Marcus Giles had yet to rediscover his power. Chipper Jones was injured. Adam LaRoche was very streaky, and spent much of the season in a cold spell. Raul Mondesi and Brian Jordan were flops. Johnny Estrada was hurt in a collision and wasn't the same afterwards. The team was full of rookies. John Smoltz and Jorge Sosa were the Braves' only reliable pitchers for a while. But at the same time, Andruw caught fire and hit homer after homer. Without him the Braves wouldn't have finished 1st in the division, and they might have even finished last. (I couldn't comment on the last thread for some reason, but I thought it would make a good entry anyway.)

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