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Hampton to pitch in relief

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The AJC says that Mike Hampton has been reactivated from the DL and will pitch out of the bullpen. There isn't any room in the rotation for him, and another lefty arm in the bullpen can help. I'm worried about who's going to be given a spot on the (probable) postseason roster on the pitching staff, and what role. Here is what I would like: Starters RHP Smoltz (13-6, 3.02) RHP Hudson (12-7, 3.38) RHP Sosa (10-3, 2.74) LHP Ramirez (11-8, 4.47) (if 4 starters are needed) Bullpen RHP Farnsworth (0-0, 1.29) RHP Boyer (1-1, 1.71) LHP Foster (3-1, 3.00) RHP Reitsma (3-5, 3.96) LHP Hampton (5-3, 3.50) RHP Davies (7-3, 4.38) Here is the lineup and position players I would like: vs. RHP SS Furcal 2B Giles 3B C. Jones CF A. Jones RF Francoeur LF Johnson/Langerhans C Estrada/McCann 1B LaRoche/Franco vs. LHP SS Furcal 2B Giles 3B C. Jones CF A. Jones RF Francoeur 1B Franco C Estrada/McCann LF Johnson/Langerhans bench 1B LaRoche/Franco C Estrada/McCann OF Johnson/Langerhans UT Orr IF Betemit OF Hollandsworth

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