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Who will be on the pitching staff?

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There are several spots on the postseason pitching staff that look to be up for grabs. From what I can tell, these pitchers have clinched a spot: Smoltz Hudson Sosa Ramirez Farnsworth Reitsma Boyer Foster (if healthy) Those are 8 pitchers. There will be 11 spots. Fighting it out for the last 3 spots are John Thomson, Kyle Davies, Macay McBride, Dan Kolb, and Jim Brower. I would think Thomson would make it because of his experience and he could also be used as a long reliever if necessary. Davies and McBride have pitched well at times, and each have an advantage (Davies as a potential long reliever; McBride as a left-hander) That leaves Dan Kolb and Jim Brower off of the roster barring injury. If Foster is injured, Kolb would probably be added. Last year, the Braves had a very deep staff with a lot of decent pitchers. This year, they're more top-heavy. In the playoffs, this isn't as big of a deal. There are a lot of off-days, so the Braves can ride Smoltz, Hudson, Sosa, and Farnsworth if necessary. Most teams tend to rely on their top few pitchers to carry them throughout the playoffs. I wonder if Farnsworth could be effective pitching 2 innings. If necessary, the Braves could go to Reitsma, Ramirez, and Boyer to get some innings. (Ramirez only as a starter though in a 7 game series as a 4th starter). Could Reitsma and Boyer pitch 2 innings and still be effective? The rest of the pitching staff I would rather not have to use. Foster and McBride might be okay in situations against left-handers. What are your thoughts on this?

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