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An inexplicable, horrible roster construction

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In order to make room for Cormier I think the Braves apparently sent down Scott Thorman, although nobody reported it. The Braves now have this on their bench: OF Ryan Langerhans .244/338/386 UT Pete Orr .216/232/330 C Todd Pratt .202/254/307 IF Tony Pena .063/118/063 There is no backup first baseman for when LaRoche has his sore wrist. I guess Diaz would shift to first if he had to, or maybe Pratt would. Langerhans is the only one with any bat at all off the bench. Meanwhile, there is a 13 man pitching staff. They maybe only need 12, even if 2 of the starters usually don't make it 5 innings. Quantity does not mean quality. As it is now, Wayne Franklin has barely pitched. That's what will happen, there's going to be 1 or 2 pitchers who never make appearances. I guess they don't really care anymore, so they're just doing whatever.

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