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Andruw taken off waivers

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The AJC reports that the Braves have revoked the waivers on Andruw Jones.
Any possibility Jones would be traded ó remote as it was ó ended Saturday after the Braves withdrew waivers on the center fielder. Jones had been claimed by several teams, and the team with the worst record among them had up to 48 hours to talk to the Braves about a possible deal. That team was never revealed, nor is it known whether there were any serious discussions. "They should have called," Jones said about being kept in the dark by the Braves. "But it's no big deal. I didn't get traded. That's the main thing." The waiver process is supposed to be confidential and Braves general manager John Schuerholz continued to refuse direct comment on the situation Saturday. But he did voice his opinion on what had played out in the media the past few days. "It was all artificial, not true, manufactured," Schuerholz said.
So that wasn't such a big deal, after all.

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