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Brewers 8, Braves 5

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The pitchers couldn't keep them off the scoreboard. Barry didn't get out of the 4th and gave up 5 runs. He walked 3 and struck out 1. It will be torture if the Braves run him and Cormier out to start twice every 5 days. Davies and Lerew need to get ready, fast, so at least it will be productive as they'd get experience. Ben Sheets kept the Braves off the board for the most part until late. Oscar Villarreal gave the Braves 2.2 innings and allowed 1 run. Ray allowed a run in his inning as his recent struggles continue. Paronto pitched a scoreless inning, but Baez gave up another run in the 9th. The Braves tried to dig out of a 7-2 deficit, and scored 3 runs in the 8th. However, Francoeur struck out with the bases loaded on 3 pitches, 2 of them in the dirt. I said before the 3rd pitch, "He'll throw a breaking ball in the dirt and Francoeur will swing at it." I'm sure everyone else did too. However, Baez gave a run right back in the 9th, and the Braves couldn't rally. Pete Orr had his best game of the season, getting 3 hits and missed the cycle by a homer as he got the start at 3rd base. Nobody's explained what's up with Aybar other than he hurt his hand. Chipper is supposed to be back tomorrow, though. Hudson pitches against Tomo Ohka tomorrow.

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