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Chipper, Francoeur make USA team

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AJC My earlier prediction made me look foolish about Francoeur making the World Baseball Classic's USA team. What did I say? Something like "Francoeur has a chance, but so do the Royals." I guess the Royals will win it all this year, then. (No, not really.) Francoeur's the youngest player on the team at age 22. "Pretty cool รณ I'm excited," said Francoeur, a former Parkview High star whose career has been a dizzying ascent since last summer's promotion from Class-AA Mississippi to the majors. "The opportunity to represent your country, to represent the U.S., that's great," he said. "I'm ready to go." The 33 year old Chipper is also on the USA's 30 man roster, although Alex Rodriguez is on the team and might play more. Andruw Jones is playing for the Netherlands, Chris Reitsma and Pete Orr are playing for Canada, and Jorge Sosa might make the Dominican Republic's team.

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