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Official site He certainly seems excited about the opportunity to work with his new pitching coach. "He's a real personable guy," Hudson said. "It seems like he's going to be able to go out there and get along with everybody great. Obviously he has the reputation of being an easygoing guy, cutting up a little bit and having some fun. ... It will be a lot of fun going down to the bullpen and getting some work done for a change." While not directly taking a shot at Mazzone with his comment, Hudson seemed to express the same nonchalance that all of the Braves pitchers were expressing in regards to moving on without their former pitching coach. Hudson and Thomson were among those who said it will be beneficial having a pitching coach who has actually pitched in the Majors. Mazzone's pitching career ended in the Minors. "That's going to be the biggest difference, actually having a pitch coach who has pitched in the big leagues," Thomson said. I do not like the way these guys are talking about a man who is a big reason why the Braves have won 14 division titles in a row. It's one thing to praise McDowell, but it's another thing to insult Leo Mazzone in the process It's not like Leo joined the arch rival, he simply went home to coach with a good friend for the last few years of his career. He may go into the Hall of Fame as a Brave. The Braves are supposed to be a classy organization, and I think they should keep negative thoughts about Mazzone private, especially after all he did.

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