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Braves sign Ramirez, Villarreal

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The Atlanta Braves have only one player left in arbitration after agreeing Tuesday to a $2.2 million contract with starting pitcher Horacio Ramirez and a $462,500 deal with newcomer Oscar Villarreal. Jorge Sosa is the last un-signed, arbitration-eligible Brave remaining. He has asked for $2.6M and has been offered $1.8M, so he will likely earn something close to $2.25M. Assuming $2.25M for Sosa and $300K salaries for roster spots that are likely to be filled by players making the league minimum, the Braves will pay about $66.25 million to its players in 2006. This total does not include the portions of Edgar Renteria's and Mike Hampton's contracts paid by their former teams, but those higher figures (which make the total payroll closer to 80M) do count against the Braves for luxury tax purposes. As soon as I have final numbers (such as when Sosa is signed), I'll post an update with full player salary numbers for 2006.

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