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USA Today article on salary arbitration

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Of MLB's 100 players who filed for arbitration, 56 have already settled on a new contract with their respective teams. Many of the remaining 44 are expected to come to terms before their hearings, because that is almost always the preferred course of action for both sides. (Last year's group saw the fewest players ever -- only three -- actually rely on an impartial arbiter to determine their salaries.) The the last line of the article linked above provides a nice little piece of Braves trivia (for now, anyway): "The record award is held by Atlanta Braves center fielder Andruw Jones who gained a $8.2 million salary in 2001 through arbitration." Why is the record amount still less than $10 million? My guess is that a player making that much per year eventually realizes that hundreds of thousands less doesn't make much difference the final number will have eight digits before the decimal point. For a complete roundup, see USA Today's 2005-06 Arbitration Scorecard -- keeping track of players' requests and teams' offers for players not yet signed, plus last year's salary and this year's settlement if they have been signed.
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