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World Baseball Classic

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I haven't heard anyone other than players say that they're excited about it. The WBC isn't something that I care too much about, either. I just hope we don't have many injuries. I said in comments on a previous entry that the Braves have 3 players participating, but I was mistaken. We actually have 3 Braves on the preliminary USA team: Chipper Jones, Tim Hudson, and Jeff Francoeur. Chipper and Hudson could make the team, but Francoeur won't. Here are Braves that are either in MLB or in the high reaches of the minor leagues that are playing in the WBC: Pete Orr (Canada) Chris Reitsma (Canada) Scott Thorman (Canada) Jorge Sosa (Dominican Republic) Oscar Villareal (Mexico) Ardley Jansen (Netherlands) Andruw Jones (Netherlands) Jeff Francoeur (USA) Chipper Jones (USA) Tim Hudson (USA)

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