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Joey Devine

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While on vacation last week, I saw Joey Devine's start at The Beach. The Pelicans were playing the Winston-Salem Warthogs (high A affiliate of the White Sox). The Warthogs had no chance. After Devine gave up a leadoff double to a left-handed hitter, he struck out the next 3 guys. There was no more contact than weak foul balls. The same thing happened over the next 2 innings, other than a fly ball to the wall by that lefty leadoff man again. Devine ended up going 3 innings, allowing 1 hit and striking out 5. He looked great. There wasn't much else notable to report. The Pelicans lineup is not very strong, although they're leading the division for the 2nd half. Van Pope, Kala Kaaihue, and Carl Loadenthal make up the middle of the order. Kaaihue has a different, louder sound when the ball hits his bat. He had only 1 hit in this game, though, and struck out in a 2 out bases loaded situation. The Pelicans lost, as their bullpen couldn't hold a lead, 5-4.

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