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Danys Baez has a 4.35 ERA in 49.2 innings with 3 homers, 11 walks, and 29 strikeouts. He has a WHIP of 1.29 and a K/9 ratio of 5.26. Basically, this year he's been what Chris Reitsma was last year. Here are his career numbers. He came up as a starter but was turned into a closer. He spent 3 years as a closer (1 for Cleveland and 2 for Tampa Bay) and was decent. What concerns me is that this is the 4th season in a row that his strikeout rate has decreased. Willy Aybar has an interesting background. Apparently, he was signed as a 13 year old by Detroit and batted .286/386/344 through 154 ABs in rookie league before getting discovered. That's unbelievable, and I know the slugging percentage is not good but how much power could you expect from a 13 year old? When he was 17, the Dodgers signed him and he progressed through their system, putting up numbers similar to Betemit. I think Aybar is still a 23 year old rookie, and this year he's batting .250/356/414 through 128 ABs which is in line with his minor league numbers. He has 12 doubles and 3 homers. If he's in Atlanta by game time tomorrow, he'll probably be the third baseman. Otherwise, we're looking at Pete Orr.

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