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Blue Jays 6, Braves 5

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The Braves now have an 8 game losing streak, and haven't had a losing streak that long since dinosaurs roamed Pangea. 3-18 since Dayton Moore left. Sosa didn't get blown out, which is about all you can ask of him. He went 6 innings and allowed 4 runs on 8 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts, and 2 homers. The bullpen was pretty awful. Stockman allowed his first career run in the 7th. Yates (0-1, 4.66) walked the bases loaded with one out in the 8th, and Paronto and a Francoeur assist saved him from allowing more than one. McBride pitched a scoreless 9th. The Blue Jays scored every inning from the 4th to the 8th. The Braves rallied in the 6th from a 4-1 deficit to tie it. Then they rallied to tie it again at 5 in the 7th. But the pitching couldn't hold up. Offensive contributors: Andruw Jones was 1-4 with his 17th homer and walked. Jeff Francoeur was 2-4 with a IBB, an RBI, and scored. Brian McCann was 2-5 and scored. Hudson against Ted Lilly tomorrow.

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