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Red Sox 4, Braves 1

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The pitching has gotten over the struggles for now, but instead the hitters have contracted it. The Braves are 3-15 since Dayton Moore left. Hudson (6-5, 3.88) had a pretty gutsy effort, and pitched 7 innings after giving up 4 runs early (3 on a 2 out Jason Varitek double) against the good Red Sox offense. He allowed 5 hits, 3 walks, and struck out 6. McBride pitched a scoreless 8th and Paronto pitched a scoreless 9th. Too bad there was no offense at all. The Braves made Jon Lester look like Dontrelle Willis. Offensive contributors: Marcus Giles was 2-4. Matt Diaz was 2-4. Lance Cormier will start tomorrow against Josh Beckett.

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