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The first 12 rounds of the draft were today. Here is who the Braves selected: 1. Cody Johnson, OF 1. Cory Rasmus, RHP-sandwich pick 1. Steven Evarts, LHP-sandwich pick 2. Jeffrey Locke, LHP 2. Dustin Evans, RHP 2. Chase Fontaine, SS 3. Chad Rodgers, LHP 4. Lee Hyde, LHP 5. Kevin Gunderson, LHP 6. Steven Figueroa, RHP 7. Adam Coe, 3B 8. Casey Beck, RHP 9. Timothy Gustafson, RHP 12. Josh Morris, 1B The Braves got 2 sandwich picks as compensation for losing Furcal and Farnsworth. In other news, John Foster finally had surgery and is done for the season.

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