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Thomson: 2006 looks like 2004 so far

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I'm more optimistic about John Thomson than I am about Jorge Sosa. A big reason is because of Thomson's 2004 season. He had the following ERAs for each month: April: 2.67 May: 5.06 June: 6.07 July: 4.15 August: 3.08 September: 1.36 As you see, he had a nice April, was awful in May and June, then was good to outstanding from July on. He was the Braves 2nd best starter that year, going 14-8 with a 3.72 ERA. This year he was outstanding in April, and has been abhorrent in May and June. His numbers at this point are similar to the numbers he had at the same point in 2004. So, when James is put in the rotation, I would rather them take Sosa out than Thomson. I don't know if Thomson will be as good in the last 3 months as he was in 2004, but he has far more history than Sosa of being a good starting pitcher. He's also more apt to go deep into ballgames than Sosa, while Sosa throws harder which might fit a bullpen role better.

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