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Braves 2, Mets 1

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The Braves' starting pitching has suddenly had a 360 degree change. Tim Hudson pitched the Braves' 2nd complete game 3 hitter in a row and outdueled Tom Glavine as the Braves took the series from the Mets. Hudson (1-1) had a perfect game to start the 6th inning, and had a one hit shutout to start the 9th. The only run was scored when Jose Reyes doubled and Chris Woodward singled him in. Hudson lowered his ERA to 6.08. He walked 1 and struck out 6. Andruw Jones broke a scoreless tie in the 7th inning with his 8th homer, and the Braves added another unearned run in the 8th inning. Both teams had makeshift lineups due to injuries, especially the Braves who were missing Giles, Renteria, and Chipper. Langerhans, LaRoche, and McCann didn't start against the left-hander Glavine. The only 2 regulars in the lineup were Andruw and Francoeur (and Betemit if you count him as one at this point). The game lasted less than 2 hours. Offensive contributors: Andruw was 1-4 with his 8th homer. Francoeur was 2-4. Marcus Giles will have an MRI on his finger. The Braves are going to disable him or Renteria, but haven't decided which one yet. The Braves now go to Washington, and John Smoltz (who pitched a complete game shutout his last start) will pitch against John Patterson.

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