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Devine to Richmond

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Official site I wish the Braves would stop with the yo-yo here. Devine got sent down after just 2 appearances in which he was ineffective, but I thought showed rookie nervousness. Also, they claim that he has a sore back that's been bothering him. I wish that the Braves should have waited a little longer and given him a couple more chances to get his bearings. But since it's done, they might as well send Devine down to stay in Richmond for a few months. He needs to get his bearings and find a role to succeed in, and become more polished for his presumable call-up later this year. Peter Moylan, an Australian that Braves scouts discovered and signed during the WBC, has been promoted. In 4 innings at Richmond, he allowed 2 runs, 3 walks, and struck out 4. He throws sidearm and has a 96 MPH fastball.

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