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How they’ll finish in 2006

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Short-short version: Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers, Yankees, White Sox, Athletics, Brewers, and Angels will make the playoffs. Below are potential records for all 30 teams, arranged to represent how confident I am in them. I have also included my picks for the four major player awards in each league, just for kicks. I won't predict how the playoffs will go before I know if I've even picked the correct teams; I'll do that in about six months! Obviously, I am quite optimistic about my Atlanta Braves, and I'm not senseless enough to predict anything less than a first-place finish until someone else actually beats the Braves. After all, the Braves have never finished a full season in the NL East below first place.
NL East 93-69 Atlanta 89-73 New York 88-74 Philadelphia 81-81 Washington 64-98 Florida NL Central 99-63 St. Louis 90-72 Milwaukee 86-76 Houston 78-84 Pittsburgh 74-88 Chicago 69-93 Cincinnati NL West 85-77 Los Angeles 82-80 San Diego 80-82 San Francisco 73-89 Arizona 67-95 Colorado Awards MVP: Albert Pujols CY: Jake Peavy ROY: Prince Fielder CBk: Scott Rolen  AL East 91-71 New York 89-73 Toronto 88-74 Boston 78-84 Tampa 70-92 Baltimore AL Central 90-72 Chicago 86-76 Cleveland 81-81 Minnesota 74-88 Detroit 64-98 Kansas City   AL West 90-72 Oakland 89-73 Los Angeles 77-85 Seattle 66-96 Texas   Awards MVP: Vladimir Guerrero CY: Johan Santana ROY: Ian Kinsler CBk: Jim Thome

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