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Reitsma tweaks hamstring

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Official Site "Chris Reitsma was forced to leave Monday night's game against the Yankees with what appears to be a slight strain of his left hamstring. Both Reitsma and the Braves are hopeful the injury is a minor one and that he'll be able ready to assume his role as closer when the regular season begins next week. "It's just a little strain," Reitsma said. "I think I got out of there in time. I'm glad I didn't keep going and do something real bad. Hopefully it's something that just takes one or two days and I'll be ready to go." All I have to say is that hamstrings are nagging injuries. This article says that Kyle Davies is in this year's rotation no matter what happens. If the Braves don't make a trade, either Thomson or Sosa will start the season in the bullpen. Mike Remlinger and Chuck James will start the season as the left-handed relievers.

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