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Link Jurries hasn't spent a lot of time in the outfield, but he has shown he could handle occasional time in left field if necessary. There's no doubt that sending Jurries to Triple-A Richmond to begin the season would mean that the Braves are sacrificing some offense. But Jordan's defensive versatility and leadership might lead Cox to make this choice. Assuming Wilson Betemit, a switch-hitter, is no longer bothered by his strained right rib cage, he and Matt Diaz give Cox a couple of solid right-handed options to send to the plate in pinch-hit situations. This certainly increases Jordan's chance of being on the Opening Day roster. Of course, if Betemit were to begin the season on the disabled list, there's a chance both Jurries and Jordan would be on the Opening Day roster. But if Betemit is healthy, odds are Jordan will stick around and Jurries will be forced to wait for his first opportunity to be a Major Leaguer. Other than the fact that this ignores Betemit's batting line of .256/289/372 against left-handers last year... It was stupid last year. This year, it's borderline insane. I don't understand putting an inferior player on the roster just because he's 39. His best years are long gone. Jurries is almost in his prime. The Braves have plenty of players that can provide leadership-Chipper, Andruw, Smoltz, Hudson, Thomson, Reitsma. I don't want to see an outfielder on the team who had a .295 OBP last year when it's very likely to happen again.

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