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Schuerholz book to be in stores next week

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I'm looking forward to it. "He begins the first chapter by revealing that in March 1992, Schuerholz and Pittsburgh GM Ted Simmons negotiated a trade to bring Pirates star Barry Bonds to Atlanta in exchange for pitcher Alejandro Pena, young outfielder Keith Mitchell and a prospect to be named later. "I was euphoric," Schuerholz writes. "Barry Bonds was a Brave! . . . There seemed no limits to what we could achieve over our approaching several seasons." The morning after the GMs agreed to terms, the Braves were setting up a news conference to announce the deal at their West Palm Beach, Fla., spring training home when Schuerholz phoned Simmons, who told him he couldn't do the deal, apparently because Pirates manager Jim Leyland was furious that Bonds was being traded with a year left on his contract. Schuerholz's account of the broken deal: About an hour before the announcement, I decided to call Ted Simmons just to coordinate the timing of the release. "We have a problem," Ted said. "What do you mean, a problem? Don't want to release it just yet? What?" "I can't do the deal," he said. "You can't do the deal? You did the deal! Ted, you agreed over the phone, general manager to general manager. We made the deal!" In baseball, that's about as sacrosanct as anything gets. That had never happened to me, nor has it since, where there was a total reneging of a trade. . . ." Yes, I'm very much looking forward to reading this. As you may know, the Braves also came close to signing Bonds that offseason but decided to sign Greg Maddux instead.

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