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The Braves have played 16 road games in April, and 7 at home so far. We traditionally struggle in April anyway. Giles, Renteria, and Chipper have been hurt. Giles is hitting .203. LaRoche is at .214. Francoeur is at .190. Orr is at .194, and Diaz is hitting .192. There's no use moving Francoeur to the minors or to the bench. There's no better replacement, until Kelly Johnson heals. Hudson's ERA is 5.87. Reitsma's ERA is 6.48. Sosa's ERA is 6.89. The Mets have had 8 games against the Nationals and Marlins. The scheduling is that we get to play the Nationals and Marlins a lot too (as well as the Mets), and that we have 81 home games as well as 81 away games. The law of averages means that those that are struggling will eventually come around. It will be fine, eventually. We'll compete.

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