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Edgar Renteria

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I was very angry when the trade was made for Renteria. Well, I was dead wrong and way off base. Renteria has been simply outstanding with the bat. He has been the sparkplug of the offense, basically covering up Giles' struggles so far. His defense makes me nervous, and he doesn't have half of Furcal's arm (or Betemit's), but it hasn't killed the Braves, and he's more than made up for the defense with the bat. Meanwhile, Wilson Betemit has turned into one of the best bench players and pinch-hitters in baseball. He is injury insurance that the Braves have to have. Andy Marte is still in Triple A and is struggling. Something has gone wrong with him over the past year and the Braves saw it coming. The Braves know their own players better then anyone else knows their own players. Hopefully, Renteria keeps hitting and hopefully Marcus will snap out of it soon. Here's to you, Edgar.

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