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Phillies 6, Braves 3

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John Thomson had his first bad start, and the Braves couldn't hit with RISP as the Phillies swept the 2 game series. Thomson (0-2) went 6 innings, allowing 5 runs on 8 hits, a walk, and a strikeout. Ray pitched a scoreless 7th. Macay McBride made his season debut, and got the first 2 men he faced to fly out in the 8th. Bobby, obviously trying to save the bullpen, then went to Moylan. Again, Moylan doesn't deserve to be in the upper reaches of the minors, let alone the big leagues. He gave up 2 hits allowing the inherited runner to score to make it 6-3. Chad Paronto needs to be called up to provide set-up help with Villarreal and Ray. Moylan needs to go to Myrtle Beach to work with Del Canton or something; he's not ready at this level. Chuck James has pitched well, but only twice since April 12. I don't understand why he's not brought in more often. It can't be good for the 24 year old top prospect to just sit out in the bullpen. Arthur Rhodes got the save as the Phillies gave Gordon the night off. Gordon had pitched several nights in a row. I think it's time to mix up the batting order as well. LaRoche and Francoeur need to be moved down in the order. McCann and Langerhans should be moved up. It was proven yesterday in the 4th, when McCann and Langerhans got on base for Smoltz, who GIDP. I suggest this: 2B Giles (he'll start hitting eventually...I think his injury is affecting him though) LF Langerhans 3B C. Jones CF A. Jones C McCann SS Renteria 1B LaRoche RF Francoeur Renteria moves to 6th to prevent 3 left-handers in a row in the lineup, with Langerhans batting 2nd. I think both of those positions are their natural positions anyway. Also, I don't think Francoeur should be taken out of the starting lineup on a regular basis, but I think it's time to start getting Diaz some more playing time in right field. There's really no better replacement than Francoeur for right field in the organization right now, but I do think that Francoeur should probably get a night off every now and then to just study the game or something, while getting Diaz some ABs. Tonight's offensive contributors: Chipper Jones was 2-4 and scored. Andruw Jones was 1-3 with 2 RBIs. Adam LaRoche was 1-3 with a walk. Edgar Renteria had a hit to extend his hitting streak to 20 games. Now the Braves go to Shea Stadium for 3 more games at New York. This has been a ridiculously brutal schedule, with the Braves on the road and seemingly facing an ace every other night. Davies and Trachsel have a rematch tomorrow night.

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