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The Braves' Pythagorean expected W-L record, which is judged by number of runs scored to runs allowed, was 85-77 compared to the actual record of 79-83. Atlanta lost an unusual amount of one run games this year, which is evidence of a bad bullpen. C. Reitsma/J.Sosa combining for about 115 innings was damaging. The Braves' 2006 Baseball Reference page is up. Here are some stats for notable former Braves: 40 year old Greg Maddux went 15-14 with a 4.20 ERA (110 ERA+) this year in 210 innings for the Cubs and Dodgers. He walked 37 and struck out 117. 40 year old Tom Glavine was 15-7 with an ERA of 3.82 (113 ERA+) this year while leading the Mets in innings pitched with 198. He walked 62 and struck out 131. 31 year old Kevin Millwood was 16-12 with an ERA of 4.52 (104 ERA+) this year with the Rangers, leading them in IP with 215. He walked 53 and struck out 157. 32 year old Russ Ortiz was 0-8 with an ERA of 8.14 this year in 63 innings with the D-backs and Orioles, and appears to be done. 28 year old Rafael Furcal hit .300/369/445 with 15 homers for LA. He stole 37 bases in 50 tries. He also made 27 errors, not exactly displaying the defense he had his last year with the Braves. 30 year old JD Drew hit .283/393/498 with 20 homers and 100 RBIs in a career high 146 games for the Dodgers. Don Sutton will no longer be broadcasting Braves games.

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