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Andruw Downs Phils with a Walk-Off

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Bottom of the ninth, one out, two on, and I have to say, I was almost expecting the prolific ending in the back of my mind. How many times have we seen Andruw Jones just unload on a hanging breaking pitch and drive it into the left field seats? And you know what, I never get tired of it. For the 58th time, both Jones' homered in the same game and on the back of another fine pitching performance by Tim Hudson, vaulted the Braves back into first place. Tim Hudson, who went 1/3 had an RBI ground out to give the Braves an early lead and after falling behind 2-1, Chipper Jones homered to deep left-center to lead off the sixth inning. Every starter got at least a hit with the lowest average of the position players in the lineup now Andruw Jones' .261 average which is rapidly climbing. Andruw added another hit to his walk-off, Jeff Francoeur went 2/4 to bring his average up to .306, Kelly Johnson got on base four times including three walks, and Willie Harris went 1/3 in his first appearance for the Braves. Tim Hudson pitched his second worst game of the year so far which entailed him going eight innings, allowing only four hits, one walk, and two runs. Yes, that is his second worst start of the year and it brought his ERA up. This was again, vintage Hudson. Everything that was being hit, was being smashed right into the ground for easy outs and the Braves infield defense handled it flawlessly with nice plays from Chipper, KJ, and Thorman. Mike Gonzalez earned the win and may have secured himself the majority of the save opportunities with the most dominant inning I have seen out of him yet. No hits, no walks, one strikeout, and everything was sharp. He worked his fastball in the mid-90's and hit his spots with great, sharp movement on his breaking pitches. A nice win for the Braves that hopefully will swing some momentum into a pitching match up that is about as heavily favored against us as any I have seen yet. Cole Hamels, the Phillies young stud will go against our 86 mph flamethrower, Mark Redman. The game is scheduled for 7:35 ET tomorrow. Kelly Meter: Johnson went 1/2 today with 3 walks and a stolen base, and the only out he made forced Aaron Rowand to make a diving catch in center field. KJ keeps doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing. I can't think of anything at all that he could improve. He walks constantly (on pace for 156), hits for good power out of the leadoff spot, steals a couple bases, and hasn't yet been caught. With tonight's performance he brought his line up to .326/.473/.593. Last year we were excited about our young core of James, McCann, and Francoeur; I think KJ has forced his way into that picture. If you haven't done so, I urge you to go sign up at braves-nation.com, where you can talk with myself as well as hundreds of other Braves fans about the games or really anything. It is a great site and if you haven't already joined, you should.

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