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Baseball Prospectus' Braves Preview

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Baseball Prospectus has finally profiled the Atlanta Braves in its Hope and Faith write-ups. I'm a huge fan of Baseball Prospectus and recommend that baseball nuts of all colors hand over the relatively paltry sum of $3o-odd to sign up to its great content. However, for me, this preview is seriously lacking. In fact I wonder if the guy who wrote it has ever seen the Braves play. Here are some gripes: Atlanta will miss Adam LaRocheís budding star bat, but will miss his defense at first even more. Sure, we may miss his bat, but as I have said here I reckon we can just about cover it with a bit of line-up jiggery-pokery, but defense! Yeah, like a hold in the head. Braves fans won't forget the time when LaRoche cost us a game against Washington when he strolled to first rather than run in May last year. Fielding systems, such as PMR, rate him squarely below average. The clubís rotation is still one of the best in the game. Really. Sure, we have a potentially good rotation but behind Smoltz, who let's face it is practically collecting his pension, there are question marks all over the place. Can Hudson reclaim his Oakland form? Will Hampton pitch? Can James control his fly ball tendency? Will Cormier post an ERA better than 5? The chance of all those questions turning the Braves' way is unlikely. Let's be clear. The Braves potentially have a very good rotation. Best in the game? I don't think so. The most overlooked stat of 2006 was the fact Atlanta was second in the National League in runs, with division mates Philadelphia ranked first and the New York Mets third. Most overlooked stat? I don't think so. Everyone knows the story of the Braves last year was a lot of runs both scored and allowed. And if you adjust for park the Braves are ranked first (the Phils play in a band box)! Sorry -- just had to get that off my chest!

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