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Braves in Ugly Loss

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Ugly is the best adjective that sums up the Braves' unforgivable loss last night. How can a team that out hits its opponents 16-8 end up on wrong the wrong end of a 9-7 ball game? By issuing 13 (yes, thirteen) walks, that's how. The upsetting thing was that you could see it coming too. Why? Well, the gremlins that we all thought the Braves had expunged from their staff came back center-stage last night. Davies was awful. He was fortunate to get out of the first with a bagel on the board but was less fortunate was the Rox pounded four runs in the second in reply to a Thorman home run. Despite training 4-1, and then 5-1 the Braves offense looked to have rescued the game for the T-hawks. Frenchy was outstanding at the plate, looking disciplined and banging down a couple of doubles. Thorman also had four hits and four RBIs -- he is finally fulfilling some of his pre-season promise. The Jones boys, KJ and Renteria all contributed too. The Braves took a 7-5 score into the bottom of the 9th and brought in Wickman to close the game. Bad move. Wickman, who has been having serious command issues of late never looked comfortable. Bobby should have pulled him after the first walk -- he was wild and on several occasions missed the strike zone by miles. He walked three and gave up a couple of runs to tie the game before Yates of all people came in to bail him out. Who knows what's up but there are serious problems -- for what it's worth my guess is overuse by Bobby. Oh, and in the 11th Coyler gave up a two run shot as the Braves ran out 9-7 losers. Two other tidbits: Helton walked five times for the Rox! And Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki turned the 13th unassisted triple play in major league history. Last guy to do that? Yep ... Fookie in a Braves uniform!

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