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Braves Lose First on the Road

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The Braves first road loss came tonight at Washington.† The story of the night was the 9 runners the Braves left on base.† Oh, and Francouer walked twice.† Though the Braves only had five hits, they also got five on base through walks.† They left four on base in the first inning alone, and blew a shot at scoring in the second with runners on first and third.† Woodward looked good with two hits on the night, and Chipper, Wilson and Thorman each had a hit.† Some of the usual producers, McCann, Diaz and Andruw, were all silent last night, making for an unsuccessful night offensively. Chuck James didn't look bad last night for his five innings, although he gave up three runs on five hits and had a couple of walks.† Not as dominant as his previous starts, but had the team backed him up with some offense he'd have looked better.† Colyer, newly up from the farm, came in for 1 2/3rds innings and looked good.† He gave up a pair of hits but had three strikeouts.† Villareal was in for one out.† Yates came on in the eighth and gave up a single and a double to the first two batters he faced before recording a strikeout against the third batter.† Gonzalez came in with runners on second and third and walked the first two batters he faced, walking in a run.† Then the Nats managed to get in another run later in the inning with a little grounder.† Yates comes off with the two earned runs since he put the runners on base, but I was disappointed in Gonzalez for the back-to-back walks to the first two batters he faced.† And there's nothing I hate more than seeing one of our pitchers walk in a run.† Final Score:† Nats 5, Atlanta 1

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