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Braves Suspend Aybar

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Willy Aybar, one of the pieces of the Wilson Betemit deal, was suspended for three games on Sunday after he failed to show up at the game for a second straight day.†Aybar was penciled in as Chipper's main backup coming into spring training but sore hand has kept Aybar on the DL for the entire season so far and most of spring training. The 24-year old infielder†has not put himself into the team's good graces so far in his short Braves career, as he also missed a day of spring training where he did not contact anyone to explain his absence. Aybar is a talented young infielder, but has shown a very bad work ethic so far, which is not something that Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz tolerate on their team. This may be the second strike, one more and I think he could face being released. I wouldn't want to see that and hopefully it doesn't end there because then Betemit would have gotten us nothing. Hey, maybe we could trade Aybar back to the dodgers for Wilson, I don't think Betemit's .042 batting average is going to keep him in the majors very long with little Laroche waiting for his shot. †Feel free to discuss this either in the comments section or at braves-nation.com

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