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Chop Chatter for 4/3/07

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On deck today we've got a starting pitcher going on the DL, Smoltz-Glavine preview and Tiger Woods on Smoltz. It wasn't so many days ago that we were anticipating Cormier as our fifth starter.† Although I final decision won't be made until Friday, it looks like Cormer will go on the DL and Davies will come up from Richmond.† Last Monday, Cormier left a spring training game start with shoulder stiffness.† Both he and the Braves hoped he would recover before his first scheduled start this Sunday, but the outlook wasn't quite so sunny today.† After taking some long tosses today in Philly, Cox surmised that Cormier would go on the DL and Davies be called up to take on the Mets on Sunday.† But before every Sunday there's a Saturday, and this one is bound to be entertaining.† In case you haven't taken a look at the scheduled starters, it's a Smoltz-Glavine match-up.† It's only the second time the former teammates have been pitted against one another, but it's sure to be exciting.† In the last match-up, Glavine went for seven innings and gave up six hits and one run.† Smoltz was the winner though, allowing only four hits and one run in seven innings.† Let's hope history repeats itself. In other Smoltz news, golfing buddy Tiger Woods had a message for him from Augusta National today: "John Smoltz, I hope he's watching this right now because he's my ATM machine."† This quick-witted jab refers to Smoltz and Tiger's annual golf pursuits in Florida during spring training.† This year Jeff Francouer and Adam LaRoche were invited along to play.† Tiger was impressed with how far Frenchy could hit the ball.† Now if only we could see some of that on the ball field tomorrow! And last but not least, I have to send congratulations out to my Florida Gators after they beat the Buckeyes for the second time this year in a National Championship game.† It's great to be a Florida Gator!!† (Ok, I know that wasn't really Braves-related, but this is my only forum for public bragging!)

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