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Chop Links: 13th April

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A very short Chop Links today. Three things for you to check out:
  • Chop-n-Change's very own Will Schaffer took part in the latest MVN roundtable. One question he tackles is which NL division is the toughest. That's difficult -- read what the experts say and make your own mind up. Actually if you aren't a regular MVNer I urge you to spend 20 minutes browsing the site. There is all sorts of cool baseball stuff.
  • Dave Cameron at USS Mariner has attempted to determine the most valuable players in baseball. He takes into account a number of criteria, one being salary (ie, a very good cheap player is better than a very good expensive one). McCann in #8 and Frenchy is #34 -- Dave doesn't watch the Braves much then!
  • Baseball Prospectus charts the comings and goings of the NL East in its roster update.
That's it. Go read.

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