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Chop Links: 17th April

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What a depressing loss against the Nats last night. We're now 2-2 on the season with them. James pitched okay but gave up three runs in the third. He didn't have the usual zip on his pitches and only struck out three. Francoeur scored the only Braves run after a Thorman ground out. Oh, and Frenchy walked twice too. Yes, twice. I can't believe it either but that is what Fox Sports reports. Must be a typo ...or, maybe the kid is finally learning! Anyway, let's move on to the latest incarnation of Chop Links:
  • Fox has the best baseball coverage of the traditional media houses and today Kevin Hench takes a quick look at Hudson's recent form. Yup. it's been impressive.
  • More shameless plugging but I strong advise you to read my column at the Hardball Times that explores the role of prediction markets in baseball. It is a great way to follow baseball and make some money (provided it isn't illegal where you live).
  • Braves vent at AJC takes a swipe at KJ supine start to the season. His OBP ain't that bad ... so give the kid a chance.
  • Talking chop is tracking which batting duos record the most tandem home runs. Chipper and Andruw are seventh on the list and climbing.
I'm at work so can't hunt around the net too much for links at the moment. I'll add to them later. UPDATE: As promised here are a couple more links:
  • This† is a pretty cool analysis of Joel Zumaya's pitching using Enhanced Gameday data ... I'd like to see this for the Braves
  • BPro has a look at payrolls. The Braves are one of the few teams to see their wage bill fall. Come on Liberty ... whaddya going to do about it?
  • Who is the most underrated gloveman in the bigs? Adam Everett, that's who. ESPN attempts to rectify the situation.
That's it for today. Join us later for a game recap and tomorrow I'll be breaking down Huddy's start to the season.

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