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Here are another set of links to peruse for all you baseball nuts out there:
  • Jeff Albert profiles Andy Marte's swing at Baseball Analysts and proffers some thoughts as to what adjustments he needs to make to become a better player
  • Interesting article by fellow Braves fan J.C. Bradbury at the NY Times about steroids. Hurry up and read it because it will go subscription soon
  • You've always got to plug your own columns right? Here is my latest at The Hardball Times about a great book on cheating by Derek Zumsteg.
  • It looks like Cormier is about to go on the DL. A year ago we'd have been partying in the streets -- now we worry who'll replace him in the rotation. You couldn't make it up.
  • If an idea is good then copy it right? The THT's five question format clearly works so no surprise that others plagiarize. David O'Brien gives us his version. I saw another rip-off in a small town Georgian newspaper last week too, but for the life of my I can't find the link.
Right, that's it on the links front. Happy reading. It's Hudson versus Hamels tonight. Will Hudson find his Oakland form or will he hurl like a drunken sailor? In a few hours will have the answer.

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