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Crikey, yesterday's game wasn't good was it? Redman looked decidedly ordinary (conceding almost 2 hits per inning) and the Braves offense was soporific at best. Before Frenchy hammered his home run I was all ready to pen a post berating his approach at the plate -- he was taking more swings than Tiger Woods out of the Augustan rough. The 'pen was terrible too with Yates and McBride being culpable for the worst sins late in the game. Now on to your Chop Links:
  • If you haven't seen the K-Rod cheating scandal check it out here. It looks pretty damning but check out the photos and draw your own conclusions.
  • Fox Sports is probably my favorite traditional media baseball site. Their in game coverage is good and they tend to break trade stories before anyone else (the National TV contract helping no doubt!). Anyway, see what Ken Rosenthal thinks about the Braves' chances this year.
  • This is quite an old one ... but is nevertheless and intriguing round table about the comings and going in the NL East.
  • Scott Humphries has started a new blog called Braves Press Box. It isn't Chop-n-Change but welcome Scott to the Braves' blogosphere!
  • USA Today lists who they think the 50 most influential people in baseball are. None of the Chop-n-Change staff cracks the list but JS and Bobby Cox are in the top 50. I think we can debate the order (show me a list where you can't) but a good read for sure.
  • AJC's Braves content is always a shade less than awe-inspiring and Terrence Moore's entry states the bleedin' obvious. Make sure the pitching is up to scratch he parps. What about hitting? Oh yeah ... that too.
Anyway, that's a wrap. Bring on Smoltz vs Glavine. It should be a corker.

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