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"Extra Innings" to Stay on Cable

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After pressure from Sen. John Kerry in recent congressional hearings, MLB and iN Demand have reached an agreement that to make the "Extra Innings" package as well as the MLB channel that is expected to launch in 2009 not only available to Cox and Comcast customers, but other cable providers as well. This comes way of ESPN.com:
Baseball struck a deal to keep its "Extra Innings" package of out-of-market games on cable television, an agreement that likely will allow the sport's new TV network to be available in at least 40 million homes when it launches in 2009. Baseball announced an exclusive $700 million, seven-year agreement with DirecTV on March 8, but during a hearing last week in Washington, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., pressed baseball to resume talks with iN Demand, which is owned by affiliates of Time Warner, Comcast and Cox. While baseball had set a March 31 deadline, the sides kept negotiating and announced an agreement Wednesday night.
Good news for baseball fans like myself who do not have DirecTV.

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