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Get yer brooms out folks ...

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We all know that last year the Braves had the best offense in baseball (probably). Okay, let me justify that last statement. Technically the Phillies outscored the Braves but their park is a band-box. Adjust for that and the Braves were the best with the timber on the Senior Circuit. What about the AL? True, adjusting for park again, two teams outscored them: the Yankees and Indians. Don't forget that the AL also has the DH, which inflates offense (and Haffner is a definite plus for the Tribe). Either way, the Braves had a darn good offense. It's the pitching that was the problem. This year, LaRoche aside, the offense is largely the same, albeit a year older (hopefully a year wiser -- looking at you Frenchy). The pen has been infinitely strengthened (though Gonzo did look a little off color yesterday) while the rotation has remained the same. Two games in, and yes, both games are at the aforementioned band-box, and it's the pitching that is dominating the headlines among the disciples of all things Tomahawk! Despite neither getting the official win both Smoltz and Hudson looked like genuine top of the rotation hurlers -- let's hope we're saying that come the All-Star break. Tonight, Chuck James goes against Adam Eaton. I've aired concerns before that James has strong flyball tendencies. Although Will Schaffer disagrees with me on this, keeping the ball in the park tonight could be a challenge for James. Still Eaton isn't the strongest member of the Phillies rotation so I fancy our chances to win it in the standard 9 innings. A Braves win and we sweep ... get yer brooms out folks.

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