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Hudson, Francouer Stand Out in Braves Win

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I really wanted to see our offense come on tonight, and boy did it ever... Andruw Jones hit one over in the fourth to put the first run on the board.† I hope this means he's finally hitting his groove offensively. Francouer disappointed†me by hitting into a double play with the bases loaded in the bottom of the first.† Next time up he struck out.† Just when I was ready to really blast him on here tonight, he hit a key double play in the fifth to get in two runs.† On top of that, he hit it to the opposite field.† Then in the eighth, he hit a 3-run homer!† He's restored my faith that he really is getting smarter at the plate.† If he continues like this, I'll be happy to eat any previous negative thoughts I've had about him.† Kelly Johnson looked great tonight, both offensively and defensively.† He snagged a couple of good ones at second and had a nice double in the third inning.† And just to note, that double was only about an inch from being a homerun (it bounced off the yellow line and back into the park). McCann, Renteria and Diaz all had doubles tonight as well.† McCann is nearly flawless at the plate.† Renteria continues to be solid and is having his usual hot April.† I'm still a huge Diaz fan as well, and I can't say I've missed seeing Langerhans with what Diaz has been doing at the plate.† Chipper contributed a single tonight, although I'm still not seeing the offense I'd like to see from him. All of the starters tonight had at least one hit, with the exception of Wilson and Hudson.† Definitely a step in the right direction, even if it was against the Nationals (who went through six pitchers tonight). I liked what I saw from the pitchers tonight as well.† Hudson was in his old form again tonight and pitched seven innings against the Nationals.† He gave up only 3 hits, 1 walk and had 7 strikeouts.† He's got me believing that last week wasn't a fluke - maybe the old Hudson really is back!† Gonzalez looked the best he's looked since the season started, going one inning and facing only three batters.† I hope this wasn't just because we were playing the Nationals, but that we see more of this from him this season. Paronto came in to close the game, got the first two to fly out, gave up a hit and then struck out the fourth batter.† A great game for both Hudson and Francouer, but also for the Braves as a whole.† Tomorrow night Chuck James hits the mound going for win #2.

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