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Jeff Francoeur and the Walk

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If you are a frequent reader of this site you'll know that one of the hottest topic is the conversion, or not, of Jeff Francoeur from a free-swinging minx into a prolific OBP machine. Here is the latest incarnation:
  • Frenchy's BB/K rate is 0.43 so far for 2007 -- compare that to his 2005 rate of 0.17 and a 2006 rate of 0.19. He's traveling in the right direction
  • Between April 11 and 17 he had 6 walks in 6 games, including one multi-walk game. Consider in 2006 he only had consecutive walks once -- in deep September -- and didn't have a multi-walk game.
  • He's only one BB away from tying his monthly walk record of 8 -- again recorded in September 2006
  • His pitch/PA is currently 3.94 vs 3.4 last year and 2005
I'm starting to come round to the OBP machine world-view!

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