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Jones Boys Key in Braves Win

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I knew it was bound to happen sometime soon.† It's now official: the Jones boys are back!† Chipper hit a two-run homerun in the first inning to give the Braves the early lead.† He then singled in the seventh, joining Renteria on base to set up Andruw's three-run homerun.† I was listening to the game on XM Radio and they said it was down the left field line about half way up the lower deck - quite a shot! Andruw's homerun tonight means that five of the first six guys in the lineup now have two homers a piece (Johnson, Renteria, Andruw, McCann, and Francouer).† Chipper's been walking a lot this year (six times before tonight's game -†though I'm certainly†not complaining about walking) and hasn't really hit his offensive stride.† They say he had a huge grin on his face when he hit the HR tonight, but as I was listening to the game on XM, I can't confirm that.† I can only hope it gives him the confidence to hit some more of those! Numbers 4-8 in the lineup tonight had a hit a piece.† Renteria came in with three hits and Chipper was right behind him with two hits.††Matt Diaz pinch hit in the†eighth†and put up a single (I'm happy to report he's batting .400 right now).† KJ proved once again that he can draw walks as the leadoff man.† He also contributed a double in the eighth to score two runs and made it to third on the throw.† But, of course, the most talked about bit of news will be Francouer's first walk of the season!† To the reader who took April 22nd in the office pool for Francouer's first walk, sorry! Chuck James looked†good tonight.† He gave up five hits, three walks and struck out five in six innings.† Gonzalez also looked good, giving up only one hit in his seventh inning performance.† Soriano, however, finally had an off night.† He came in for the eighth inning and gave up 3 earned runs on†4 hits.† I guess he's human after all.† Wickman was in for the ninth, gave up a single and a walk, but otherwise closed the door on the Nats in his usual style. Final score: Braves 8, Nationals†3

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