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KJ Goes 4 for 5 in Win Over Nats

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The story of the night, at least for me, was KJ going 4 for 5 and getting a stolen base.† I've been a huge KJ supporter from the beginning and had faith that eventually he'd come through offensively.† He's been hitting the ball, unfortunately it's always right at someone...until tonight.† I have liked the number of walks he's drawn as well.† Maybe he read the columns and blogs the past few days about him not being a good leadoff man.† Whatever got into him, I liked what I saw tonight! Chipper hit homerun #4 of the year in the ninth inning.† The usual suspects came in with RBIs: Renteria, Andruw, McCann, Francouer and Chipper.† Francouer even drew another walk tonight.† Now that he's making it nearly a nightly ritual, I feel good about saying his plate discipline really has improved this year. Smoltz put in a solid six innings tonight, giving up 2 earned runs on 6 hits.† He also had one walk and two strikeouts.† Villareal came in for one out in the seventh and got a strikeout after giving up a hit.† Soriano finished off the seventh and went through the eighth.† With two strikeouts and no hits, he looked great.† Wickman came in for the save in the ninth and got the first three batters he faced out on fly balls in his usual style. Smoltz improves to 2-1 and the Braves improve to 9-4. Final Score:† Braves 6, Nats 4

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