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McBride Optioned to Richmond

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In the same day that Peter Moylan was called up to replace Chad Paronto, journeyman left hander Steve Colyer was also called up from Richmond to replace Macay McBride, who has been optioned to AAA Richmond. McBride has had trouble finding the strike zone so far this year with 11 walks in 3 innings and a 6.00 ERA. Colyer, who was very impressive in spring training and almost won a job on the opening day staff. After† allowing 3 walks in 0.1 innings against the Phillies in his second appearance, Bobby Cox and the Braves coaching staff believed that it was just the cold weather that was affecting him. Now, after three more appearances in which he has allowed 8 walks in 2.1 innings, he has been sent down in hopes that he can tweak his mechanics and consistently be able to throw from the same release point. This is probably more of a short-term thing to just have McBride be able to throw strikes because when he does, he is death for lefties, holding them to a batting average under .180 last year. Colyer, 28, has spent time with the Angels, Tigers, Mets, and Rockies organizations throughout his 9-year pro career, but has only logged 51.2 professional innings. Both Colyer and Moylan are available for tonight's game.

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