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Mets Win Opener

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Well the Mets are already half a game up on us and our 2007 Braves haven't even hit a ball in anger yet! The putative Mets' ace, Tom Glavine, threw six strong innings striking out two, giving up one base on balls and conceding one run. Perennial Cy Young candidate, Chris Carpenter got banged about a bit and has a lofty ERA of 7.50. The good news for Braves fans is that behind Glavine the Mets' pitching is weak. It would have been weaker still had we snagged Glavine in the off-season -- through presumeably had that happened the Mets would have stumped up the cash to bring Zito to the Eastern Seaboard. Shame, anyway. Nevertheless, it's good to get the 2007 season under way despite falling behind in the standings!

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