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Opening Day is Here!

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This is what we have all been waiting for since the dissapointing finish to last season. The opening day lineups were released. No real suprises here, Bobby decides to go with Langerhans' defense and his great spring to start the year in left. I've got my Andruw jersey on and during my free period I am running over to one of my teacher's rooms to watch the game. Here are the lineups for the Phillies and Braves. Braves (0-0) vs. Phillies (0-0) Braves Lineup: 1. 2B Kelly Johnson 2. SS Edgar Renteria 3. 3B Chipper Jones 4. CF Andruw Jones 5. C Brian McCann 6. RF Jeff Francouer 7. 1B Scott Thorman 8. LF Ryan Langerhans 9. P John Smoltz Phillies Lineup: 1. SS Jimmy Rollins 2. RF Shane Victorino 3. 2B Chase Utley 4. 1B Ryan Howard 5. LF Pat Burrell 6. 3B Wes Helms 7. CF Aaron Rowand 8. C Rod Barajas 9. P Brett Myers This is definitely not the same Phillies team. 1-4 is deadly and the rest is kind of pathetic. Smoltz hasn't had very good opening day starts the past couple years, but he has looked great for almost the entire spring. All in all, I am optimistic about the season. If you want to discuss the game today with some great Braves fans, head over to braves-nation.com

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