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Redman Making it Easy?

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Up until yesterday I would have told you that John Schuerholz is going to have a difficult choice to make once Lance Cormier is ready to come off the DL. I think Mark Redman is making that decision a lot easier for the Braves GM and probably just bought his ticket back to Richmond after Friday night's start against the Marlins. In 2.2 IP, the veteran southpaw gave up 6 hits, 7 earned runs, 2 walks, and hit a batter to earn the loss. I doubt Lance Cormier or Kyle Davies are going to have a difficult time beating these numbers. It isn't like this was a game of bad luck; throughout the game Redman was missing down and in, missing up in the strike zone, getting little to no movement on his pitches, and got lit up like a Christmas treeā€  because of that. I'm pretty sure my high school baseball team could have knocked him around the way he was pitching last night. Hampton going out for the season never guaranteed Redman a full-time spot, and with Davies' stellar performance against the Mets there was even more pressure to perform well. In his two starts this season, Redman is 0-2 with a 12.96 ERA in 8.1 IP to go along with his 2.16 WHIP. The silver lining in this for Redman but not for Braves fans is that Lance Cormier will probably be making at least one to two rehab starts in the minors before he is activated, which ensures Redman one more start to try and make up for his awful performance.

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