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Whatís wrong with Mark Redman?

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Mark Redman is not a silver bullet ... try glass bullet! Maybe that is† a touch generous. Since being signed to a contract in the aftermath of Mike Hampton's spring training breakdown, Redman has been simply awful. Other adjectives more appropriately capture his dismal performance but are unprintable -- we'll stick with awful. Here are some data to digest:
  • He's only lasted more than six innings once -- and in that game he gave up all Braves' runs and took the loss
  • In half his starts (okay, 2 out of 4), he has pitched three innings or less -- he's a starter, not a long reliever
  • In his only win his ERA lept from 8.6 to 10.1! I leave you to work out the math but just let's say that he was helped by a generous offense that night
It can't be too long before the Braves call a close to this little experiment. It's failed. Get over it and move on. Villarreal should be promoted to the rotation until Cormier is fully fit. In case you aren't convinced check out his record in the first inning: .526/.542/.947!! Extraordinary.

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