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2010 Future Starting Rotation

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Right now in Atlanta our starting pitching has let us down for a couple of years now. But for 14 consecutive division titles we had some of the best starting rotations in all of the national league. We had Smoltz, Maddux, Glavine, Millwood, Avery, and plenty of other good starting pitchers. Right now in AAA and AA we don't have that many quality pitchers. If you look HI A through Rookie ball we have a plethora of young quality pitchers. Some could be ready in 2010 and some might be ready a couple years after that. Some of our best pitchers that should be ready in 2010 are Tommy Hanson, Jamie Richmond, Deunte Heath, Jo-Jo Reyes, Cole Rohrbough, Jeff Locke, Steve Evarts, and Chad Rodgers. Assume that we didn't trade or sign a veteran starting pitcher. That is almost impossible to predict what veteran pitcher we would acquire in 2010. Here is my young and talented 2010 starting pitching rotation.
  1. Tim Hudson
  2. Tommy Hanson
  3. Chuck James
  4. Cole Rohrbough
  5. Jamie Richmond
Henorable Mentions: Reyes(traded or bullpen), Heath, Evarts and Locke What is your 2010 starting pitching rotation?

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