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Bonds Breaks* Record

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What a sad day for baseball this is. The most revered personal record in all of sports now has no meaning as Barry Bonds finished off his drug-aided climb to the top of Major League Baseball's all-time home run list. The evidence against Bonds has mounted with the grand jury testimony included in the book Game of Shadows and from those who have been around him. His trainer Greg Anderson, a known steroid dealer, is in jail for refusing to testify against him and now Bonds has become the ultimate disgrace to professional sports in a time where we are seeing scandals with dog fighting, referees fixing games, and much more. Through all this he has been horrible to the fans, the media, and many of his teammates. It is truly a shame to see such an honored record set by such a beloved player fall to this detriment to the game. In the next couple months Bonds will be indicted for perjury and/or tax evasion charges and I can't wait. In the eyes of all true fans of the game, the home run record still stands at 755. Dale Murphy, who has been an outspoken critic of Bonds, is quoted in a very good article on Bonds for AJC. Well worth the short read to anyone I think. I respect Hank Aaron for handling the situation with such class but the same respect goes to Murphy. Very few players or ex-players are coming out and saying the obvious, that Bonds used and probably still does use performance enhancing drugs.

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